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Everyone at some point in time has owned an item that has either personal or historic meaning. The "Personal Use Appraisal" box in the Webstore is for anyone who would like to know David Moore's opinion as to the identification and approximate value of an antique or collectible they own.

David Moore is a Certified Antiques Appraiser and will give his opinion of identity and Value of your antique or collectible item. 

There are two steps required in obtaining Mr. Moore's Opinion on your antique or collectible. 

1. Please send at least 3 detailed clear pictures and any details you know that would be pertinant to either a description or value of the item to  Mr. Moore will then be in contact with you in regards to your antique or collectible. Because of the backlog in Opinions. Please allow 48 hours for a response. If Mr. Moore agrees to give an opinion in regards to identity and value of your item, then go to step two. 

2. When Mr. Moore responds to your initial contact, he will let you know if he can render an opinion on your item. If he agrees to write an opinion, please click on the personal use "Personal Use Opinion" box below in the Webstore. Pay for the Opinion ($20 US). After you have paid please allow 48 hours for the opinion to be written and sent to you via email. Thank You

Liability: This appraisal is not an insurance appraisal and cannot be used for any legal or insurance purpose. All information rendered on this personal use appraisal is the opinion of and expressed by David L Moore and is based on research and or Mr Moore's knowledge and experience in the Antique and Collectibles business. Any and all liability whatsoever is limited to the $20 cost of this appraisal.

By purchasing this entertainment/personal use appraisal you understand and agree to the above liability clause.

All inventory is currently for sale in our two Antique Mall locations. If you find an item you would like to purchase, please notify us at as soon as possible so we can check the availability of the item. Please do not purchase the item until we have confirmed it is available.

We charge .07% Indiana sales tax on all Indiana sales. 

I am sorry, but we do not sell or ship Internationally. 

Thank you

David L Moore CAA, AIA, PACC Certified

Note: Please understand that if attributions are made to antiques and decoys, the attribution is our opinion or identified as such when the item was purchased. If you disagree with this opinion, please do not purchase the item.

Please email for a confirmation of availability before paying for an item.


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